About Us

For over 20 years Jeff and Jan Ostler raised their nine children using Young Living Essential Oils. They found amazing results with this brand of essential oils because of the high standards built into the unique "Seed to Seal" process. This process requires that each bottle is carefully monitored all the way from the type of seed grown to the pressure and temperature at the time of distillation, ensuring purity and protecting nature's living energy. 
    Jeff has traveled with Dr. Gary Young over the years, recording many of his seminars. He then used this information to produce training CD's for the company. There are now over 150 CD's & DVD's available as great educational tools on many products. 
    Jeff and Jan are passionate about sharing Young Living Oils and Products and even trained to become Master Herbologists. They hope others can find and embrace these gifts God has given the world to support optimum health and wellness.