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Especially beneficial for athletes, as well as middle-aged and elderly people who may experience a natural, acute inflammation response in their joints after exercise, AgilEase™ is a joint health supplement that’s perfect for healthy individuals who are looking to gain greater mobility and flexibility through the reduction of inflammation.

We used unique and powerful ingredients such as frankincense powder, UC-II undenatured collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium fructoborate, and a specially formulated proprietary essential oil blend of Wintergreen, Copaiba, Clove, and Northern Lights Black Spruce—oils that are known for their joint health benefits. Take AgilEase to support joint health or as a preventative measure to protect joint and cartilage health.

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How to Use

For best results, take two capsules daily for joint support.*

Store in a cool, dark place.


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Other Ingredients: Rice flour, hypromellose, silicon dioxide